Do you want to provide a tasty & healthy catering option for your groups? Bowl Gogi offers buffet-style catering for orders of 20 to 200 people with utensils included. Premade bowls can be made for orders totaling 20 people or less. In addition, you can also purchase bottled water and select sides.


Order MUST be placed 48 hours in advance. 

Menu availability may vary by seasons


Bowl  Style

Individual bowl ready to enjoy! Choose from one of our delicious Bibimbap

  • $11/ person 

  • 10 ppl minimum

  • Served extra side sauces, utensils, and fully loaded individual bowls 

  • Microwaveable container options available for $1 (for people who want to save it for later)

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Buffet  Style

Make your own bowls! Your choice of ingredients prepped and ready for DIY Bibimbap catering. 

Don't forget to take a picture of your creation and share it with your friends.


  • 20 ppl minimum

  • Served with 1-2 protein options, 1 base, 6 side-dished, 3garnishes, potstickers (2pcs/each person) bowls utensils, tongs napkins, and sauces. 

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  • Please make a special note for special diet (ex. gluten-free, vegan) and allergy person(ex. sesame oil, sesame seeds, red peppers )

  • Orders can be done by sending us above form, email, or text to our catering specialist, Michelle Shin (Email: or Text: 206-288-9747).

  • Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for all catering orders and advance payment would be appreciated.

  • The best way to get in touch with us with your catering questions is via or fill the form and send it to us. 

  • If you cancel an order within 4 hours of the pick-up time, Bowl Gogi reserves the right to charge your credit card 100% of the total order amount. For orders of $100 or more, a 24-hour notice is required for cancellation.

  • We will contact you to confirm your order.

  • Catering menu & price may vary by seasons

  • All selections are included in the prices expect premium sides and sauces. The extra charges will be applied to add Premium Sides and Sauces. Please, check with us.